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Urgent Help Needed.

Land erosion
We had this message from Headmaster Stephen recently with photo’s & video clip of damage to the foundation of the building just behind the nursery school which is where many of the teaching staff live; which if not repaired quickly would have serious consequences not only on that building but also the Nursery itself.
‘Rev Gerry & Pastor Rose. Sorry to tell you now but it’s my duty to report about the work. We are having too much rains these days, More than we have had before but the problem rain has caused is that the building for the staff quarters are soon falling apart if at all we don’t build the stone wall to hold the ground on which it is standing. We need to save these buildings before the ground is washed down by rain and damages the nursery also.
Secondly, today we indeed need your prayers because Uganda is becoming so difficult. Can you believe that a bag of cement has risen from 31.000 (Uganda shillings) to 40,000 within these past 2 weeks, fuel petrol from 3,400 us to 4,000! It’s too much what we are getting through’
LATEST NEWS: August 2018: We were able to fortify the foundations and rebuild the retaining wall to the staff quarters as some funds became available. we saved the potential collapse of the outer wall–Brilliant.
Land erosion

Annual Run

Crawley AIM Race

The annual Crawley A.I.M. Charity 6 and 12hr Race organised by our ‘trusty trustee’ Pam Storey is taking place as usual at the K2 Sports facility in April – this year also with a 24hr race. Both the 24hr & the 12hr are now fully booked with others waiting – Still places on the 6hr though if you’re interested. Over 80 runners so far… They must be MAD if you ask me… ‘Making A Difference’ – we are so grateful. Thank you.

Note: the event has taken place and we are now waiting to see what the final donation is. A big thank you to all those who took part, without your efforts we could do what we do.

We Do Love Our Children

We do love our children

Our heart is that all children should have a good education not just the few, but in these days the level of poverty is increasing in Uganda. People are crying because they can’t get jobs, small businesses are failing, fishermen are no longer able to fish – all this making it difficult and even impossible for parents to send their children to school – this then also means the teachers salaries are delayed or reduced. Nurses are also crying as people cannot afford medical supplies.

’We ask for people out there in the U.K. who have been blessed by God, to bless the work in Uganda through A.I.M. so

Come with us to Kiyindi in July, you’ll have the time of your life – meeting people and children that will capture your heart forever. Preach in the Churches and villages, Teach in the Schools, Serve in the Medical Centre or simply Come and see. It’s a great place in spite of the challenges. ‘There are plenty of opportunities for mission, but if you can’t go, you can still send and pray’

News of the Uganda Presidency…

It used to be just 2 terms in office until the law was changed a few years ago to allow the president to remain for 3, now it seems that it has been changed again from a retirement age of 75, to life, meaning that he can now remain until he dies. We understand that the 400+ members of parliament received very large sums of money to bring this about and have also had their terms of office extended from 5 to 7 years between elections, so there will therefore be no more elections until 2023. The rich get richer & the poor are getting poorer.

Hope for the future

It started with just a plot of wasteland in the year 2000… Now see the amazing things that are there… We are amazed…

Video update

We have just been sent a video update of the school project.

Water and Electricity!

Our main concern for the Schools has been to have water freely available and also power to provide lighting etc.
This year 2013 and in the last month we have finally achieved that goal
The finding of water was a major breakthrough and no mean feat as we had to dig through the hill down to 58 metres through a lot of rock.
For electricity we had to set up 9 electricity poles over roughly a quarter of a mile on neighbouring plots (with the neighbours permission of course).But now they will be able to access electricity for themselves via our poles,something which would have been impossible for them before we came.
All This has created a big interest in the area and many people are buying up the land around or renting plots to build on.
in the future we plan to pipe the water from the borehole into all the buildings and to put in outside standpipes and have the water pumped by electricity.