Plot 23

I am now a happy allotment holder and although I was not sure if I would like or could be bothered with having my own patch of ground for growing things in I am really enjoying it.

I was able to collect a number of pallets and make myself a greenhouse covered with plastic given to me by a builder friend. A shed came next built with timber salvaged from peoples gardens and skips Then a farmer friend gave me a .old polytunnel frame. To my great delight, there are foxes on the site and I often see them sunbathing or foraging on the nearby plots, Brilliant. I have now planted Garlic, spring onions, carrots, strawberries Tomato plants and some fruit bushes.

Why am I sharing this blog on our ministry site? well, when we go to Uganda we see people using small plots of land to grow small amounts of food for themselves and now I can understand all that it takes to grow a crop. Also as the allotment is so peaceful I am able to think about the mission and things we need to do to raise more funding for the work.

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