Water and Electricity!

Our main concern for the Schools has been to have water freely available and also power to provide lighting etc.
This year 2013 and in the last month we have finally achieved that goal
The finding of water was a major breakthrough and no mean feat as we had to dig through the hill down to 58 metres through a lot of rock.
For electricity we had to set up 9 electricity poles over roughly a quarter of a mile on neighbouring plots (with the neighbours permission of course).But now they will be able to access electricity for themselves via our poles,something which would have been impossible for them before we came.
All This has created a big interest in the area and many people are buying up the land around or renting plots to build on.
in the future we plan to pipe the water from the borehole into all the buildings and to put in outside standpipes and have the water pumped by electricity.

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